USB PORT WINE PACKAGING : The first wine label/packaging that I had an opportunity to work upon at 6westdesign has been released to the public by lodi based peltier station winery.

The client was eager to find a clever way to play off the word "Port" without actually using the word itself ( due to recent TTB regulatory changes which forbids the use of the word “port” for any non Portuguese based wine), which gave birth to “USB ( port).” The imagery screenprinted on the front label shows an old vine built out of binary code that translates as "Peltier Station", and has roots that form the recognized USB computer symbol. The back label leaves it to the viewer to fill in the letters "port" in underlined slots (i.e. im____ant for "important") to unravel the message.

The label has caused a surprising storm of buzz online in a matter of days ( which resulted in a dramatic influx of inquiries and sales for the winery ) and has been showcased on the likes of the dieline.com, wired.com, and a host of other tech based sites. The label also recently won a Silver at the 2008 Davey packaging awards.

The project was great to work on, and I believe we were able to take a mediocre brand concept ( which the client was set upon ) and shape it into something with some substance, meaning, and purpose, and yet still be aesthetically appealing at a multitude of levels. We’re pleased with the results, as is the client and audience, and hope the hype will result and transition into sales for the winery. I’ll keep you posted.